Patron on Ice 2: The First Wedding of the Trap

Patron and Ice realize a love unlike anything they've ever participated in. A love for each other that defies the attractions and the perils of the streets. With Jose as the plug, the couple is poised to take over the streets of Atlanta with their cheap prices. For a group of people who didn't choose the dope game, how far could they go in it before unfavorable situations arise and press their backs against the wall? Lil Albert is determined to stay away from under Jiip's shadow, and Jiip is determined to be the most feared hustler in the history of Atlanta. Reecy Pooh will always be Reecy Pooh, and Rhondo can't seem to escape his streak of bad luck. Crews collide and decisions have to be made at a rapid pace in this thrilling sequel to "Patron on Ice."

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Book Title: Patron on Ice 2: The First Wedding of the Trap

Book Author: David Weaver

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1549812750