Silver Magi 1

Brandon hates his job, but he’s good at it. So the night he gets shot at outside his office building is a life-changing one for him. He never would have expected it to change quite the way it does, though. He is about to find out that all those stories he had heard involving Elves, Vampires, and Werewolves were not just bullshit. And he has three sexy paranormal ladies with him now to prove it. Silvana, the sexy Elf who thinks Brandon is something special. Lina, the bratty Vampire girl who wants nothing more than to bite into him. And then there is Johanne, the Werewolf girl who had such a military upbringing that she is still stuck in her shell.They are training him now to be a killer. He needs to prepare for a battle that is coming that will destroy billions of lives. Not just lives on Earth, as he is about to find out. Something that was banished eons ago is slowly getting loose, and now Brandon must fight its minions here on Earth in order to weaken it.This series contains the unabridged text, mayhem, monster girls, fluffy tails, and just plain lots of magic and shooting of bullets. You have been warned, so sit back, enjoy, and grab the popcorn.

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Book Title: Silver Magi 1

Book Author: D. Levesque

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