Hercules: The Twelve Labors: A Greek Myth

Famous for his superhuman strength, Hercules is the most popular hero in Greek mythology. The son of Zeus - king of the gods - and a mortal mother, Hercules faces the wrath of Zeus' wife, Hera, who resents her illegitimate stepson and vows to bring him misery. With her magical powers, she tricks Hercules into performing a series of 12 seemingly impossible labors, each one a test of his strength, courage, cunning, and fighting skill. Is Hercules strong enough to foil her scheme? For this exciting retelling of the 12 labors, author Paul Storrie consulted the classic work The Age of Fable (1859), by American Thomas Bulfinch, and Edith Hamilton's Mythology (1942), both of which are considered the best resources on ancient myths and legends.

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Book Title: Hercules: The Twelve Labors: A Greek Myth

Book Author: Paul D. Storrie,Book Buddy Digial Media,Lerner Publishing Group

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