Bixby Timmons and the Dragonthorp Riddle (1)

A missing genius. A high-stakes challenge. Can a timid teen solve a virtual mystery?Shy teenager Bixby Timmons hates change. So when her family is asked to care for billionaire Cody Dragonthorp's mansion after he disappears, she's not thrilled to leave her friends and home. But she soon discovers the vanished tech mogul left clues around the manor that could reveal his location and win her a $100 million prize.With help from her family, Bixby is determined to decode the riddle. But four other competitors stand in her way. And with everyone seemingly ready to betray anyone at a moment's notice to gain the lead, she'll have to come out of her shell and find the strength to advance to the next level.Does Bixby have what it takes to unlock the greatest puzzle ever invented?

Book Details

Book Title: Bixby Timmons and the Dragonthorp Riddle (1)

Book Author: Dwight D Karkan

Book Category: -

ISBN: 1946501271