The Painters Workshop - Creative Composition & Design (English Edition)

Start every painting the right way - with a composition and design that works!Good composition and design is the underlying foundation of any successful painting. Let Pat Dews show you what good design really is while detailing the principles that can improve your work with every stroke.You can learn how successful painters use the fundamentals of composition in unique ways to create gorgeous works of art in a variety of media, including watercolor, pastel, collage and more:   • Let light and shadow lead your composition   • Tell a story with the elements of design   • Construct a composition with color   • Allow a composition to evolve as you paint   • Move from literal interpretation to Impressionism   • Use your computer as a tool for creative designSome use different techniques to decide what will work before committing to a final composition; others design their paintings before even picking up a brush. A few combine the two approaches. Dews helps you discover the method that's best for you!She also illustrates how to bring every painting to a great finish through an invaluable critique of student work. It's all the information you need to start composing beautiful art the moment your brush hits the paper.

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Book Title: The Painters Workshop - Creative Composition & Design (English Edition)

Book Author: Pat Dews

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