Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 81st Edition

The latest edition of the world's most popular scientific reference features tables and reference sections on everything from the Periodic Table to the bond lengths in organometallic compounds. Featuring the latest facts and figures, the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics contains all the most frequently used data in science, including the periodic table of the elements, basic constants and units, and geophysical data.For decades, physicists and chemists have turned to this handbook as their primary source for reliable data. Every year, material is critically evaluated, new data is added, and existing tables are updated. The 81st edition includes eight new and forty revised or updated tables. Nowhere else will you find such a useful compilation of scientific data. Don't be left behind. Your research deserves the best data available - the CRC Handbook of Chemistry and Physics has it. Tables new in the 81st edition:Melting Point Index of Organic CompoundsBoiling Point Index of Organic CompoundsElectrical Conductivity of WaterProperties of Liquid HeliumBond Length in Organometallic Compounds - filling an important gap in previous editionsOrganic MagnetsPressure-Volume-Temperature Relationship for Polymer MeltsCharacteristics of Human Hearing Tables updated in the 81st edition:Fundamental Physical Constants - reflects the first change in these international recommendations in 14 yearsConversion FactorsThe Elements - the first major revision in more than five yearsDissociation Constants of Organic Acids and BasesDipole Moments of Molecules in the Gas PhaseThreshold Limits for Airborne Contaminants

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Book Title: Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 81st Edition

Book Author: David R. Lide

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ISBN: 0849304814